Luthien Reaches


And lo the heroes did arrive at Fort Remote...

In this session we built characters, and then decided on and shared the identities and the background of the PCs.

The hyrkanian warrior Sonja and the half-orc explorer Brent arrived in Fort Remote together. Sonja is heading north in pursuit of servants of the Dark God, who she has been told may have special plans here. Brent is heading into the wilderness looking to discover the identities of his parents. The two met up a few towns down the road and agreed to travel together; their personalities and abilities make them complements to one another, so traveling was comfortable even as signs of civilization becomes sparser.

Arriving at Fort Remote, the two met Morwenna—a local guard and paladin, and a veteran of the civil war. She had heard rumors of Sonja’s coming, and had been assigned to watch the warrior and make sure she didn’t and undue trouble or harm. Morwenna disapproves of Sonja, particularly her manner of dress (or lack there of).

The group was joined by Greggg, a dragonman cleric. Gregg’s travels to see the world had taken him to to Fort Remote, where he found that he got along well with the Morwenna (who shares a similar outlook on the value of good and justice). Gregg was surprised to meet the newcomers, as he and Brent had actually known each other as children in the same orphanage back in Marik!

Finally, the group has hired Tryn, a wandering halfling thief. Sonja knew Tryn by reputation, having heard of the halfling during previous contacts with a thieves’ guild in Marik. While Tyrn is also a newcomer to Fort Remote, her knowledge and skills were such that the group agreed to pay her to help them out—for now.


Groffen highbulp

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