Luthien Reaches

Exploring Cragpost

And the heroes ventured into ruins of the watchtower...

The PCs head north for Cragpost, following the map previously provided by Commander Alexander.

On the journey, they spy a trio of Orcish wolf-riders following the part. The party eventually reached a ridge-line at the base of the foothills, and hid behind some large boulders in order to set their own ambush. As the Orcs road up, Brent shot the wolf out from under one of them, sending the Orc crashing to the ground. Sonja charged into the midst of the other two, and although she was swarmed, managed to cut down two wolves and an Orc (apparently sharpening her blade helped). Tryn stayed hidden, dropping an Orc with throwing knives without him even seeing her. In short, the PCs handily dispatched the Orcs. Looking over the bodies, the party found that the Orcs were wearing bloodstained wolf-tooth necklaces, a sign of their clan.

The PCs continued on to Cragpost (a few days to the north). Arriving, they saw that Cragpost was a watchtower built into the side of the mountain—a pair of doors as its entrance. Heading inside, the PCs found the remains of a battle—a destroyed guardian construct and a pair of dead wolves. Apparently the construct had been destroyed by another trio of Orcs, who lost two of their mounts in the fight. Tryn and Sonja managed to pry a pair of large, light purple gem from the back of the construct, each engraved with a single dwarven rune.

Following the hallway into the tower, the PCs passed an open door to an abandoned mess hall filled with the skeletons of long-dead dwarves, as well as the bodies of two recently slain Orcs. The PCs investigated the bodies, and saw that the Orcs appeared to have been killed with the weapons held by the dwarven skeletons. When Brent picked up a heavy stone chair to try and smash one of the skeletons, the lot animated and attacked the party! In addition, two more dwarf zombies charged in from the doors opposite the mess hall. The PCs fought off the undead without too much trouble, and vowed to put any remaining dead to rest.

Across the hallway from the mess hall, the PCs found the barracks, and attached to the barracks the ancient armory. In particular, the armory contained empty display stands for a suit of plate mail, a large axe, and a sword. The mail and axe stands were labeled “Troll-bane”. The empty stands, plus an extra pair of beds (and the missing Orc) suggested that there were further undead in the tower.

Heading down the hallway and up the stairs to the watch area (about 150’ up), the PCs discovered the last orc—having climbed the stairs and bled out.

In the next room, the party found the last two undead dwarves looking out over the land: one dressed in heavy plate and armed with an axe, the other dressed in leather armor and carrying the sword. The PCs charged in to destroy the undead, causing the dwarves to turn and flank the entrance corridor. Morwenna smote and dazed one of the undead, keeping it pinned down and unable to effectively fight. Sonja critically hit the dwarf with a rage-fulled attack (a daily), severely wounding it.

Inside the room also was a corruption demon, who tried to assist the undead, though the party was able to generally resist its evil influence. Indeed, when the demon tried to incinerate the party with a fireball, it misses all of the PCs but critically burnt the remaining dwarf (the other having fallen), destroying it. Under the combined might of the PCs, the demon soon fell as well.

The PCs recovered the platemail, axe, and sword, all of which were made of fine dwarven steel. The greataxe was shiney really sharp, in surprisingly good condition, and its grip was wrapped in trollhide. Both the axe and the mail were engraved with runes reading “troll-bane”.

Having encountered the corruption demon, Sonja wonders if maybe the dwarves of the area had been corrupted by the Dark God she hunts—who is to say? It was suggested that the axe be presented as a gift to Commander Alexander, potentially in exchange for his help and future influence (i.e., “favor”)

XP: +150 for Sonja (adventure log, comments); +100 for Brent (comments)
+650 for the party (battles)
Loot: 2 large gems (dwarven runed)
troll-bane greataxe, troll-bane platemail (to Morwenna), dwarven steel sword (to Sonja)
(dwarven steel: increases enhancement bonus by +1; +d8 critical hits)

Action Items
For Robert:
- how much are gems worth?
- what do the axe, plate, and sword do?
- what do we see from the tower? (post a map?)
For Party:
- what to do with the axe?
- where to next?


travel log, day 623
we went to the mountains this time. some orcs tried to
follow us but they were bad at it. also bad at fighting.
sonia fixed her sword and now the show is scary. the
mountain had some zombees. it is not good to fight dead
dwarfs. the live ones are pretty touf tuf hard
already. the dwarfs looked like they were garding the
valley but i dont think they were right in the head.
i think i wood be to if i was dead. they had some good
steel that we get to keep. now sonya has another nice
sword. i think the orcs are in trubl danger.

Exploring Cragpost

The sword is a long, full sword with the characteristic [[Dwarven Steel]] pattern highly visible along the blade. Its hilt is wrapped in fine black leather that appears to have aged gracefully, as it is still black and in good shape.

The Dwarven runes for ‘hope’ are engraved and filled with a shiny, silvery metal down the center of the blade. On the other side, the Dwarven runes for ‘vengeance’ lie opposite the other runes, but they are not filled in. The hilt of the sword is gold, and the guard is a slightly curved pair of feathered wings.

Much like his axe, Trollbane’s armor is made of [[Dwarven Steel]]. The joins are all made of troll leather, and the large, segmented pauldrons are edged with gold and have symmetrical geometric patterns engraved upon the individual pieces.


Axe, plate, and sword are all dwarven steel. I’ll put up a wiki page with example, but mechanically they function as ‘Magic X’ of +1 enhancement bonus higher than your inherent enhancement bonus.

Mechanically, the sword is whatever the hell it needs to be – one-and-a-half-hand-style grip.

If you want to sell the axe, it’s going to be worth 1200gp.

The gems are worth 400 together for the value of the gems.


Exploring Cragpost

Hey guys, sounds like you did an amazing job out there against those undead dwarves! …Uh, where was I? Just taking care of a few things. Did a little sightseeing. I’ve always wanted to travel out east. …Look, I’m sorry I just wandered off, OK? I promise, I won’t do it again. Didn’t mean to worry you. Besides, it’s all over for now and I’m ready to join back up. Where are we going now?

Exploring Cragpost
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