Luthien Reaches

The Orc Problem, Part 1

And the heroes agreed to support patricide...

Unfinished Business: Loot: +125gp each (dragon parts); +25gp each (wolf pelts); Brent acquire a Wyrmspine Bow.
Wizard Kremlin suggested that the fiery trees were probably close to a portal to the Plane of Fire, and there was not much we could do about it.

After the PCs informed Commander Alexander that his troops had been flambed, he realized that the only help he could give them in taking care of the Orc problem was to send along the increasingly mysterious Wizard Kremlin.

With their new companion, the PCs headed towards the other side of the river, where the Orcs were located (to the north-east). The party planned to head straight into the Orc encampment, figure out what was going on, and basically tell the creatures to stay on their side of the river.

Traveling through the forest at the edge of the river early one morning, the PCs overheard the sound of battle. Investigating, they find two groups of Orcs fighting one another. On one side were members of the Bloodfang clan riding their customary wolves. On the other, a lone Orc warrior wearing metal armor and wielding a dwarven-steel blade. The armored Orc was managing to hold his own against 5 of the riders, demonstrating some skill.

When the armored Orc managed to knock one of his attackers off a wolf, Brent decided to pick off the now grounded creature. He released a pair of arrows—and then an exclamation “the odds look more even!” after the Orc fell down dead. This of course drew the attention of both sides. As such, the party charged in to take down the Bloodfangs… and did so with ease. Indeed, Brent stared down the last remaining (wounded) wolf, intending to begin taming it as a mount.

Also Wizard Kremlin is a spook.

The armored Orc introduced himself (in the Queen’s Common) as Korzagg, the son of the Bloodfang chief Korf’fang. Korzagg claimed that his father’s men tried to kill him and his followers in the night due to a disagreement, and he had been on the run since. This story sounded suspicious to the PCs, so Wizard Kremlin magicked the Orc, convincing him to share more details. Korzagg volunteered that his father had gone on an expedition to some ruins, and upon his return had been acting strangely—as if he had been affected by some madness. It was on Korf’fang’s orders that the Orcs began raiding the settlements around Fort Remote (and it was Korzagg’s disagreement with this foreign policy that let to his being attacked in the night). The party surmised that maybe Korf’fang has been possessed by a demon similar to that inhabiting the last set of dwarven ruins.

The PCs soon decided that they would support Korzagg, acting as an “attacking army” for him and enabling him to conquer his own tribe and dispose of his father. They snagged from bloodfang necklaces to help demonstrate their “allegiance” Healing the wounded wolf so it could act as a mount for Korzagg, the party set off towards the Orc encampment. The son-of-a-chief Korzagg helped them avoid patrols, and the PCs reached the camp without incident.

Blowing their warhorns, the PCs charged into the camp, but were met with no resistance until they arrived at the chief’s tent in the center of the camp. It looked like someone was going to get yurt. Issuing a challenge, the chief emerged from the tent, followed by the tribe’s shaman and a couple of guards.

Battle was joined. The shaman called out to Someonewhoinotgruumsh, but was quickly dispatched by Brent’s arrows. Korf’fang also was shown to be a bit of a bastard, as between Sonja’s manuevers and Wizard Kremlin’s spells, he repeatedly attacked his own followers. The fight was difficult, with Korf’fang able to withstand the PC’s combined attacked. Finally, Korzagg decapitated his father after Sonja dragged him into position and Brent put an arrow through his leg.

With the battle completed, Sonja told Korzagg to keep his word and stay on his side of the river. Meanwhile, Wizard Kremlin went to look at the head of the recently-possessed Korf’fang. As he explored the head with his magic, the wizard suddenly began screaming in fear a pain (before passing out like a chump). Everyone drew their weapons and…

Loot: gained bloodfang necklaces
Unfinished business Have not yet received XP for fights


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