Luthien Reaches

The Orc Problem, Part 2

And the heroes did thwart the undead chieftain, keeping him from getting ahead...

As Kremlin screamed, the decapitated body of Korf’fang stood back up. The severed head itself began speaking Villain, though what it said was not relevant apparently.

Sonja leapt forward and slashed at the head, trying to destroy it. Brent came up from behind and also stabbed at the head, then picked it up and tossed it into the fire pit. The body charged after Brent, but Sonja chased it down, dragged it back, and cut off one of its legs with a critical blow.

Meanwhile, mind-controlled orcs began shambling moseying sauntering in to try and defeat the party.

The head let out a scream and caused the fire pit to explode, then continued attacking the party with demonic mind-controlling magic before catching fire.

Brent eventually put an arrow through one of the head’s eyes, and the evil was dispersed.

Korzagg agreed to take the Orcs away from Fort Remote and not attack the humans anymore. Searching through Korf’fang’s possessions, the PCs find a crudely drawn map that points to the ruins where the Orc was potentially possessed. With that all settled, the PCs returned to the Fort for their reward from Commander Alexander.

XP: everyone advances to level 5.
Loot: +250gp each (reward from Alexander).


Groffen highbulp

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