Morwenna was born an only child on a small farmstead on the outskirts of the territory belonging to Rasalhague. Her family was not particularly well-off, but did own a couple of horses for plowing. It was on these plow horses than Morwenna began to prove herself as an adept rider. When the young Morwenna showed an interest in using her talent to become a Chevalier, her parents were happy to send her and their better plow horse to Rasalhague for training. Once Morwenna had finished training, she would make enough money to keep herself as well as her parents’ farmstead regardless of rains or drought.

At Rasalhague Morwenna excelled in both riding and weapons training, and was favorably reviewed by her commanders. By the time she achieved the rank of Chevalier she was already being groomed for leadership. She spent some time riding circuit with the company belonging to the Knight Commander of her order and then served as a direct second in command to one of the Knight Commander’s generals. Eventually Morwenna was granted the title of Captain and the command of her own small company.

Morwenna fought in several small campaigns allied with the troops of Greyrath in their ongoing struggle against the dark mage usurpers of Marik. She was given several commendations for bravery and won both the respect and admiration of her troops and the thanks of the commanders of Greyrath. The Knight Commander hinted at a possible promotion to General. However, this was not to be. In her next campaign in Greyrath, Commander Morwenna was caught on her horse in a melee with a powerful blood mage who stabbed her in the right knee with a magic-forged blade.

Morwenna lay sick with blood poison for more than a fortnight, but even when she regained her health, the wound the blade had made would not close entirely and not even the best clerics could mend it. There was talk of her retirement. Morwenna argued that although the wound slowed her down afoot, she was still as agile as ever on horseback. A series of tests of skill were arranged for her to prove her fighting ability, but although she passed every one, in the end it was decided that such tests could not be an accurate representation of real battle and, against her protestations, Morwenna was honorably retired as a war Commander and made instead a Commander of the Guard of Rasalhague.

Morwenna proved competent in her new position, but was unsatisfied with it. Herding about common criminals and drunks in Rasalhague’s capital was not what she had had in mind when she had joined the ranks of the Chevaliers. When it was announced that volunteers were needed to go to keep the peace in the new outpost of Fort Remote, Morwenna jumped at the chance to make the trip, expecting she had a better chance of excitement there. A few words in the right ears had her transfer approved quickly. Now she serves as one of several Guard Captains in Fort Remote, alongside others of Greyrath and Rasalhague veterans.

Morwenna prefers to prevent trouble before it starts and spends much of her time in the taverns and seedier corners of Fort Remote, watching and listening for potential disturbances so she can provide an immediate response.

Many of Morwenna’s attacks deal divine damage. Although Mowenna herself is not very religious, she was once intimately involved with a young woman named Constance, an acolyte in the Divine Order of the Glorious Sky, who has since become a high priest of the order. Constance prays daily for Morwenna’s safety and asks her patron god to bless the stalwart cavalier. Because Constance is a good and faithful priest highly favored by her patron god, Morwenna has been blessed with the same power as a Divine Warrior of the order. Morwenna is not aware of this blessing and generally just assumes that she is awesome at hitting things and first aid.


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