Warrior woman with a sword and a chainmail bikini. Death seems to follow her wherever she goes.


- Family was killed when she was a kid and Sonja was left for dead
- Was saved by a Nature Deity who granted Sonja skill with a blade so that she could revenge her family
- Sonja hunts followers of the Dark God, like those that who killed her family

- Fiery-haired warrior woman
- Sonja wears a chainmail bikini. She claims this is because it distracts men she is fighting, but it’s more of a way of taunting people who might take a fancy to her

- Sonja is almost quintessentially Chaotic Good. She believes everyone is free to make their own choices (and no choices should be forced upon anyone), but that they have to live with the consequences of those choices.
- Sonja has a habit of getting into fights—she doesn’t do it on purpose, but she almost never backs down from a confrontation so things tend to escalate.
- Sonja tends towards cynicism. She believes that you need to fight to survive, and if you fail then you die, and that is how the world works.
- This point of view often leads Sonja to act in excess—lots of drinking, lots of fighting, etc.

Motivation (what gets Sonja to adventure):
- Stopping the Dark God. Anything that suggests that his servants are involved will send Sonja off.
- Helping the oppressed. If people are being controlled or abused by those with more power, she’ll try to help. But only if they cannot help themselves.
- Paying the bills. Sonja needs to eat, and has a habit of overspending money. So if a task will reward her with a good meal and a place to sleep, she’ll take it.


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