Luthien Reaches

Hunting Orc
And the heroes did set forth in pursuit of those who harmed the innocent...

The PCs were summoned by Commander Alexander (the commander of Fort Remote), who asked them to in effect patrol the region surrounding the fort. The PCs were told a number of items of interest:

  1. Some other patrols had disappeared after going to investigate a mysterious light on top of a hill to the west of the fort.
  2. A number of villages surrounding the fort had been attacked by Orcs recently, in an area generally to the north-west.
  3. The Commander gave the PCs a map etched into a stone tablet. Dwarven runes (interpreted by Morwenna) identified the map as leading to somewhere called Cragpost, to the north of the fort.

Morwenna (backed by Sonja) decided that protecting the villagers should take first priority, and could lead to more information about Brent’s parents as well. Since Morwenna and Greggg had tended to and helped refugees from the raids, they were aim to get directions to a village that had been attacked a few days prior. The Orcs had ridden in on wolves in the middle of the night, attacking the villages. With these directions, the PCs set out.

Reaching the village, the PCs were able to track the Orcs’ movements (they had not been stealthy, dragging what seemed to be the body of a dead cow behind them). The PCs followed the tracks, with Sonja taking lead. Although a small group split off from dozen estimated in the band, the PCs stayed on course for the main group. Eventually the party came to a campsite where the Orcs had stayed for a few days (and the smaller group had rejoined, now dragging their own dead cow). Realizing that they were catching up, the PCs pushed on ahead into the night, hoping to catch the Orcs unaware.

Traveling through the forest at night, the PCs discovered an ambush the Orcs had laid for them at a small defile in the forest. The PCs attempted to turn the tables and sneak up behind the Orcs, but the monsters saw them coming and battle was joined. During this fight, an Ankheg leapt out of the ground to attack both PCs and Orcs alike, though Morwenna charged it and ran it through.

Although one Orc attempted to flee, Brent put a pair of arrows through its kneecaps. The PCs interrogated the Orc (in exchange for a quick death) to discover that the monsters were raiding human settlements for food, and that the tribe was located further to the north-west. Deciding that this is a matter for the Commander, the group headed back towards town. Brent stayed up through the night watching for the rest of the Orc raiding party, but the party was left undisturbed.

Arriving back at the fort, the PCs informed Commander Alexander about the Orcs. He was skeptical about bringing in more men to take out the tribe, but offered to pay the PCs 1000gp if they would “take care of the problem.” He also paid them 250gp for bringing back the information they did find.

The PCs decided they would head out to the Cragpost next, potentially hoping to discover more about why the Orcs were now beginning to raid the human villages (or something that might help them in defeating the Orcs).

XP: +150 for people with background (Sonja, Brent, Greggg, Morwenna); +230 for the party (battle)
Loot: +50gp each

And lo the heroes did arrive at Fort Remote...

In this session we built characters, and then decided on and shared the identities and the background of the PCs.

The hyrkanian warrior Sonja and the half-orc explorer Brent arrived in Fort Remote together. Sonja is heading north in pursuit of servants of the Dark God, who she has been told may have special plans here. Brent is heading into the wilderness looking to discover the identities of his parents. The two met up a few towns down the road and agreed to travel together; their personalities and abilities make them complements to one another, so traveling was comfortable even as signs of civilization becomes sparser.

Arriving at Fort Remote, the two met Morwenna—a local guard and paladin, and a veteran of the civil war. She had heard rumors of Sonja’s coming, and had been assigned to watch the warrior and make sure she didn’t and undue trouble or harm. Morwenna disapproves of Sonja, particularly her manner of dress (or lack there of).

The group was joined by Greggg, a dragonman cleric. Gregg’s travels to see the world had taken him to to Fort Remote, where he found that he got along well with the Morwenna (who shares a similar outlook on the value of good and justice). Gregg was surprised to meet the newcomers, as he and Brent had actually known each other as children in the same orphanage back in Marik!

Finally, the group has hired Tryn, a wandering halfling thief. Sonja knew Tryn by reputation, having heard of the halfling during previous contacts with a thieves’ guild in Marik. While Tyrn is also a newcomer to Fort Remote, her knowledge and skills were such that the group agreed to pay her to help them out—for now.


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